Christina Rodriguez is the Program Coordinator for Women’s Bible Studies at Grace Fellowship Church and a homeschooling mother of three boys.  She and her husband, Bryan, live in Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania.  Christina’s personal ministry is devoted to spreading the gospel for the love of Jesus Christ and to helping others to make meaningful connections with God and the Bible.

Christina is graduate of Goucher College, where she studied sociology and cultural anthropology.  The motto of Goucher, “gratia et veritas,” “grace and truth,” gave her a distinct vision for her interactions with others, both in the Christian community and outside of it.  Purposefully engaging the culture with a heart for evangelism requires a heart filled with grace, committed to truth, and above all else, love.

The purpose of this website is to help equip others with effective tools for ministry in real world situations.  This may include bible study resources and discussion on culturally relevant topics.  Your prayers, thoughts and comments are always appreciated.